About Us

At Golden Gate Fundraising we have three core beliefs when it comes to Fundraising:

1. Excellence in customer service Your success is our first priority.

2. Excellence in product quality Our products are of the highest quality.

3. Excellence in profitability for our clients. Helping you meet your financial goals is what Golden Gate Fundraising is all about!

“We partner with busy people who are on a mission to fund the projects that are important to them. Our program makes fundraising; fun, easy, and profitable for those we partner with, so they can be successful.”

Sandy Boyes-Freethy, co-founder of Golden Gate Fundraising, has over 20 years of fundraising experience working as marketing director, product development and fundraising consultant. Our company has spent 20+ years, helping schools and clubs achieve their fundraising goals. Our team has spent years developing relationships with suppliers to ensure the groups that partner with us receive the finest products for their fundraising programs. 

Spring Has Sprung!

Our Spring Fundraising Collection for 2022 is now available